Thursday, April 28, 2011

A favorite of mom's

Daddy and Kam

Hailey is Ariel for Halloween

Kam meets Alysha!

The kiddos on Christmas Eve

Mr. Chubby

He outgrew his tub fast! (almost 5 months)

Sitting in the love sack together!

His forever fascination of those hands!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The New Man


Kamden Ivar Pedersen
Born: October 19th 2010
8lbs 2oz (same as Hailey)
21 inches (1/2 inch smaller than Hailey)

I've decided to update my much neglected blog. So I will begin with the story of how Kam came into the world.
So I had a C-section with Hailey and HATED the recovery. So I did not want a repeat c section. My doc had said he was willing to let me try for a v back if everything was perfect. As October came I knew I wouldn't go into labor on my own. (it just doesn't happen in this family) I figured my doc would induce me and with our anniversary on the 15th I thought it would be fun to have a baby that day. But doc gave me a big fat NO, due to I wasn't dilating and baby wasn't dropping. Lets just say I came home from that appt. pretty upset. ( I wanted my big huge belly deflated)
I had to wait one more week for another appt. in which he would do a ultrasound to measure the kiddo's head.
That was one long week. Monday morning couldn't come quick enough! Doc did his assessment and no changes, so he did an ultrasound. I was about 39 1/2 weeks at the time and baby's head was measuring 41 weeks! My doc looked at me and I knew what his "professional opinion" was. C-Section! At that point I was done, so we tried to schedule in on Wed. the 20th, but they had too many already scheduled, so the next morning was it! (19th)It's weird knowing you will be having a baby the next day. Check out how giant my belly was! --->

The next day everyone was excited to find out if we would be having a Mia or a Kamden! Esp Hailey bug!

Going through the surgery this time was much easier and less scary since I knew what to expect. I didn't even barf on the anesthesiologist!

(warning a little graphic!)
John got a shot of him being pulled out!

We were all very excited to have a boy! (Hailey was thrilled she wouldn't need to share her toys!) This time around the recovery wasn't half as bad. The incision healed quickly and I could get in and out of bed pretty well before I went home.
Adjusting to two kids was sure a challenge in the beginning, especially since I was spoiled with Hailey and she was a great sleeper, Kam... not so much... and I NEED my sleep!
We also discovered Kam had reflux which made a not so happy baby and nursing him was difficult, but we pulled through. (thanks to prevacid)

Also Kelsey had a baby girl on Oct. 28th! Alysha Elaine Brewer. It's been fun to compare the two babies. Kam is soooo laid back and Alysha is a wild girl! They don't really play together yet, just stare at each and grab each other. It will be fun when they get older!

SO to shorten a post that could go on forever! Here is what I can think of right now, followed by some fun pics in the next post.
  • He is a chubby wubby! He eats every 2 hours and gained weight fast! He's six months now and is almost 22 lbs and in 12 month clothing! We had to upgrade to a 35 pounder car seat!
  • He is very shy and will cry for mom if a stranger talks to him, he makes the saddest face!
  • He loves,love,loves his hands! He stares at them with such fascination.
  • He loves,love,loves to be carried everywhere! (Mom's arms and back pay for his chubbiness)
  • He's a definite mamma's boy.
  • He has the CUTEST smile!
  • He sat up before he could roll over.
  • He waves "hi" sometimes... so cute
  • He took a bottle until about 8 weeks old then flat out refused it. I have yet to get him to fully eat from a bottle since. It's such a pain!!! I can't go anywhere for very long without him.
  • He's got two bottom teeth already!
  • Hailey adores him! And he loves when she plays with him.
  • We LOVE him!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up to date...

So let's catch up.
Today was my big ultrasound.( the one where they check out everything on baby)
I have to say I was quite disappointed. John was running late to get there on time, and I asked them to wait, but NOOOO the lady had a family emergency and needed to leave right after me. She took me back and began without any regard to the fact that I wanted my hubby to be there. (even though it was like the 5th one I've had and he has attended all of them)
Baby looks good, nice and healthy!
I'm confused as to why two weeks ago baby was measuring 6 days behind, but today is now measuring 7 days ahead!? My belly has completely popped this past week though. (Should post a pic huh? I'll get around to it) Must be all the junk I'm eating but I no longer can button any of my pants. I may spend the summer in John's shorts!
On a sour note, the reason for my ultrasound two weeks ago was due to severe pain I was having in my back and lower abdomen. I went to the docs, they tested for a UTI which came back neg. Then I started peeing blood (TMI sorry) so off to the ER we go.They did a ultrasound and my right kidney is dilated. They assumed kidney stones or a blockage and sent me home with some pain drugs.
I have been feeling better since then, but today, another look shows my kidney is still largely dilated. So doc wants to run a few blood labs and go from there. If there is a blockage I will be the lucky new owner of a ureteral stent! (google it if you don't know :)(BOOO)
Any who, no luck with finding my nursing job, so I've decided I might as well continue on with my education. So I'm taking the few classes left before I transfer to do my bachelors. So my summer will be filled with organic chemistry and statistics! John is doing calculus 2, so we've already spent the last two nights studying away at the kitchen table.
Nothing else has been happening in our lives that I can think of. ( I know we are so exciting!) I'm just ready for summer and a vacation!

And all of you are wondering.........
WE DID NOT FIND OUT WHAT WE ARE HAVING! We officially did not do it! So if things go good we will not have another opportunity to find out! (which i might regret, but I keep telling myself it will be so worth it in the end!) I just am imagining delivery day and doc saying "It's a .....!" and me crying and everyone so surprised!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Horrible Photographer

My OB took some wonderful pics of baby! NOT! It's ok though, I get an ultrasound again next time I go in, so hopefully we will get better shots.
We did see all of baby while he was doing the ultrasound, baby was wiggling his/her feet so the legs look deformed in the 3D pic, but when he pushed print he must have moved the probe or something cuz this is all we got. (middle pic) You can see squiggly legs, part of the umbilical cord and the tummy.

The last pic is baby putting his/her hand to his/her mouth, and you can see the feets! (sorry they are small, I still haven't figured out my scanner)

I told Kelsey yesterday this kid better be an angel for what he/she is putting me through right now.Everyday is a roller coaster of headaches, pain, nausea, no sleep and lack of interest in food. I'm praying I will one day soon feel better. One more week and I will be out of first trimester, so hopefully that will be the turning point!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hailey!

My little girl turns 4 today! Wow how time flies! She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Last night we took her to Disney on Ice and John and I could not stop laughing at her little comments and excitement. Honestly her favorite part was riding trax. (or the train as she prefers to call it)
ahhh Hailey... if only you could know how much we love you!

She is so big and gorgeous!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Surprise

We're EXPECTING #2! Kinda found out by accident with a visit to the ER due to food poisoning. I'm due around my birthday. (Oct 22) The best part is Kelsey is preggo too! (That was the surprise, she was going to tell the family) She is due just a few days after me! Crazy! It will be fun to have someone to gripe and complain with! The sheer excitement really hasn't hit me yet. I'm more worried about all the changes we need to make, along with finding a job before it's obvious I'm preggers. (Who will hire a fat lady?) But I'm sure things will work out. Til then I will just have to keep worrying.

P.S. We are NOT going to find out what we are having! hehe

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hehehehe, I love surprises! Tonight will be an awesome one! Since no one reads this, I figured I could mention that.